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Worth the Wait

What To Keep In Your Emergency ATV Kit

by Constance Bryant

If you like to go off-roading in your ATV, you should keep an emergency kit with you. That way, if your ATV breaks down when you are far away from any help, you can stay safe until help arrives.

Integrated Tracking System

Make sure you have an integrated tracking system attached to your ATV. This tracking system will send out a signal to nearby satellites that will track where you are.

Most of these systems are equipped with a button so you can send out an automated email to let your loved ones know where you are and that you are okay.

If you break down or need help, you can hit the emergency button. That will let your stored contacts know that you need help. You can get set it up to dial 911 on your behalf. 

A device like this should be your best friend on every ride. If you break down while off-roading, it will make it easier for help to find you.

Water Pack

You should always have a water pack with you when you ride. Many water packs or water mules look essentially like backpacks and are easy to wear. If you break down, you will have all the water you need until help arrives.


If you have a map and know the area you are in, you can use a compass to navigate your way back to the main roads. You should only do this if you feel confident in your map reading skills and really know where you are.

Plus, if your compass comes with a magnifying glass, you can use it to start a fire.

Flint & Steel

If you are stuck overnight, you can use either flint or wool to start a fire. If you have a stick of flint, you can easily rub a rock against it or your knife in order to create a spark and start a fire.

Pocket Or Utility Knife

It is always a good idea to keep a pocket or utility knife with you when you are out on your ATV. You can use the knife to cut through just about any branches you get entangled in, or use it for hunting. You never know when having a knife can come in handy.


Try to keep a small compact flashlight in your emergency kit. If you don't have luck starting a fire, a flashlight could come in handy. You may also need a flashlight in order to figure out what is wrong with your ATV. 

Emergency Blanket

Finally, keep an emergency blanket nearby. An emergency blank does not take up much more room than a cell phone or a deck of cards. However, if you get stuck somewhere overnight because your ATV broke down, you will be happy that you packed it.

Make sure you have these items with you when you set off on an off-roading trip in your ATV. These basic items will keep you safe if anything were to happen. Professionals from a company such as Canyon Honda can also recommend tools to have in an emergency kit.