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Worth the Wait

Learn What To Look For When Reading A Protective Service Agreement When Buying A Car

by Constance Bryant

When you buy a car, there is often a protective vehicle service agreement included with the car. If you have never purchased a car before, there is a good chance that you may not know what to look for when reading the protective service agreement. The following guide lets you know what things to look for in a protective service agreement when buying a car.

Look for the Limits of the Agreement

All protective service agreements have specific limitations when it comes to the coverage that is provided. The agreement may be valid for a specific duration of time or for a specific number of miles traveled. It is important to realize that many of the agreements are valid until one or other of the limitations are met. You could exceed the maximum number of miles in less years than listed as the maximum number of years you have in the agreement. As soon as you meet the maximum number of miles in the agreement, it becomes void.

Look for the Specific Components Covered in the Agreement

When you look at the agreement, be sure to look at what vehicle components are covered in the agreement. There are often different levels of component coverages offered per agreements offered when buying a car. You may have to pay an additional cost to get protective coverage for every aspect of your car. Ask the dealer about the coverages that are available to ensure you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Look for the Maintenance Requirements for the Agreement

Some protective agreements require you to maintain the vehicle on a specific schedule to ensure the car is properly maintained at all times. The better the car is maintained, the less likely a major problem will arise with the car within a short amount of time. Be sure that you understand the maintenance schedule for the car and understand that you will have to pay for the work that is done at each maintenance appointment.

Once you have taken the time to read the entire agreement and made sure that you understand what it says, you can choose to agree to the agreement or pass on buying the car. If you fail to meet any of the requirements of the agreement or the limits are exceeded, the agreement could become void. For more information, contact a business that has cars for sale.