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Worth the Wait

Considering Used? 3 Key Traits To Look For In A Used Truck

by Constance Bryant

A truck can be beneficial for many reasons. Not only does it offer you a mode of transportation, but it can also be used for hauling equipment, furniture, and supplies. Unfortunately, buying a new truck is not always possible due to budget concerns. Thankfully, many dealerships and private owners offer great deals on used trucks. Considering most new vehicles depreciate 20 percent as soon as they are driven off the lot, buying used can be a smart financial decision. Of course, it is important to know what to look for when shipping for a reliable used truck. Here are  a few tips to ensure your used truck will be a smart buy.


First and foremost, consider buying used only if a warranty is offered. A warranty is imperative whether you believe the truck is in excellent mechanical condition or not because it can protect your investment for a short period of time.

Most used vehicles will have some warranty when sold by a dealership. This warranty may just include the remaining mileage covered by the vehicle's manufacturer or it may be a warranty in addition to the manufacturer's warranty.

If no warranty is offered, negotiate with the dealership. In many cases, they will include a warranty at no additional charge.

Private sellers are under no obligation to include a warranty. However, you should still check with the truck's manufacturer to see what is offered. For example, if you are purchasing a pre-owned Dodge Ram with 50,000 miles on it, Chrysler's 5 year/100,000 mile limited powertrain warranty may cover issues that arise with this truck.

It is important to note that every manufacturer differs. Therefore, never assume a used vehicle will still be under warranty.

Test Drive

The test drive is one of the most essential elements to buying a used vehicle. Even a short, yet thorough, drive in the truck will help you determine if there are serious mechanical issues.

During your test drive, make sure to accelerate hard and fast. Use your brakes aggressively, as well. If you hear and feel a good amount of knocking when accelerating, there may be an issue with the transmission. Squeaking, squealing, and grinding noises while braking are signs that the truck needs new brake pads and rotors.

If the truck is veering to one side, it may need an alignment or have a more serious front-end issue. Also, the tires should be inspected. Insufficient tread is not only dangerous, but it is also a key sign that you will need to purchase new tires for the truck.

Some of these issues should be red flags, since they are expensive to repair. Minor issues can be discussed with the dealership or owner. In many cases, you can use these minor issues to negotiate a lower price on the truck.

Service Records

Even if the truck appears to be in good condition, you should still ask for maintenance records.

Regular oil changes, tire rotations and balances, alignments, and other services are important parts of maintaining the truck's operation and value. Having these records can serve as proof that the truck was cared for, which makes it more valuable.

Some dealers may already have these records in their computer system. If you are buying from a private seller, ask for the service records. These records may be handwritten in a book or printed out from the service department of a dealership or another mechanic.

Buying used does not mean you need to sacrifice quality. With this guide, you will know what to look for when making a smart investment on a functional, appealing, and valuable used truck.