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Worth the Wait

5 Interior Car Features To Watch Out For In Your New SUV

by Constance Bryant

When you purchase a new SUV, you want to make sure that you purchase the most comfortable SUV. Don't just pay attention to what is under the hood, pay attention to what is behind the doors as well.

Comfortable Leather Seats

First, you want seats that are really comfortable. If the seats are not comfortable, it doesn't matter what other features are inside of the vehicle. A great interior starts with well-cushion seats that are soft and comfortable to the touch. Look for seats that are made out of high-quality leather.

Multimedia Navigation

Second, it is all about the sound system, or in this case, the navigation system. You no longer just have a system for listening to music in your car. You have a system that allows you to navigate and find your way around. You can have a system that links up with your phone and allows you to listen to your digital music library. You can have a system that allows you to connect to various apps.

The best multimedia navigation systems are now touch screen, making it easy to go from one screen to the next. You no longer have to worry about so many buttons. With a touch screen, the button system is simplified.

Extra Storage

When you get into a car, you are bringing more than yourself into the car. For example, you might be bringing your grocery shopping list, pen, wallet, smartphone, tablet, and a snack. You need somewhere to set all the things that you bring with you when you get into your vehicle. Make sure that your SUV has lots of storage compartments that give you space to put all the things that you bring with you into your car.

Cup Holders

Having cup holders is essential. You want a vehicle that has cup holders that are large enough to hold a standard cup from a coffee shop or fast food place. Even better is a cup holder that is adjustable. Try to find a vehicle that at least has two cup holders for both individuals in the front of the vehicle as well as some cup holders for those travel in the back.

3rd Row of Seats

When you are purchasing an SUV, what you really want is some space for either extra cargo or passengers. Look for an SUV that has a removable third row of seats. You want a third row of seats that you can remove, not just fold down, in order to take advantage of all the space that your vehicle has to offer.

Keep these tips in mind as you look at a new Subaru for sale.