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Worth the Wait

Choosing A Dump Trailer For Junk Hauling

by Constance Bryant

Using a dump trailer to haul residential junk can be cost-effective as a homeowner and potentially profitable as a business owner. Dump trailers are relatively cheap, versatile, and don't require a heavy-duty tow vehicle. These features make them an excellent choice for removing the type of trash generated by a typical household.

Like any other piece of valuable equipment, there are some things you should know before rushing out to buy a trailer to haul junk. Below are three critical factors to consider before making your trailer purchase.

1. Towing Capacity

How will you tow your dump trailer? If you're an old hand when it comes to towing, then you already know how critical it is to choose equipment that doesn't exceed your towing capacity. If you overload your tow vehicle, you can damage its suspension, overwork its transmission, or cause excessive amounts of wear.

When looking at a trailer, always consider its gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). This value is the weight of the trailer and its maximum payload. Your tow vehicle's capacity should always be sufficient to accommodate the GVWR of your trailer. Avoid comparing the trailer weight to your towing capacity since this value is the weight of the trailer when unladen.

2. Payload Capacity

Once you've found trailers with GVWRs inside your tow vehicle's capacity limit, it's time to start looking at payload capacity. The payload (or loading) capacity of a dump trailer is particularly essential because the dump mechanism will not function if the trailer is overloaded. In some cases, you can damage the battery, hydraulic pump, or other equipment by overloading the trailer.

While landscaping material or construction material tends to be consistent in weight, household junk can vary significantly. If your primary use will be junk hauling, it often makes sense to go with the highest payload trailer that you can safely tow. Not only does this provide more versatility, but it ensures that a challenging junk removal job won't overload your trailer.

3. Features

Don't ignore the special features included on many dump trailers. In particular, it may be helpful to consider dump trailers with sides that you can lower. If you're hauling bulk material, then you'll often load your dump trailer with the help of heavy equipment that can lift your payload above the sides. For junk, you'll typically load your trailer by hand.

When loading old furniture, remodeling debris, and other household junk, you'll often find that lowering the sides of your trailer can make the work faster, easier, and safer.

For more information on dump trailers, reach out to a local trailer dealer.