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Worth the Wait

How to Buy a Safer Car

by Constance Bryant

Buying a new car can be such an exciting adventure, as long as you do your due diligence to learn about the newer model cars, what features are available on certain models that would be important for you and your family. Some of the safety features a car can have come in the form of technology that helps alert the driver to potential problems and in some cases, even help to control the car when doing so can prevent or lessen the severity of a collision. Here are some safety features you might want to look for: 

1. Airbags

Vehicles all have to pass safety inspections before they are put up for sale. However, there are some cars that are considered to be safer than other cars. Some cars have had additional safety features added to certain models that can help with safety in a number of ways. You want to look for a car that has front, side, and curtain airbags. Curtain airbags are ones that activate if there is a side impact accident and they come out from the top part of the doors, above the side window and they will prevent a person from slamming into that side window. 

2. Smart braking systems

Cars like Hondas can have a collision mitigation braking system in which the system will react when it determines that there is a likeliness of a collision. The driver gets warned with sounds and visual warnings, as well as with a light pull on the seatbelt. As a last resort, if the driver doesn't respond then the system will start lightly braking. 

3. Lane assist

Another feature many cars come with is the lane assist feature that beeps if the driver is drifting into the other lane. If the driver continues to drift in that lane, then the system will guide the car back into the proper lane. This is a fantastic feature for people who tend to drive long distances and who are at an increased risk of falling asleep while behind the wheel. 

4. Cameras

Cars can also have cameras that can help the driver to clearly see what is going on in the back of the car when they are in reverse and that can help to show the car what is going on in their blind spots. These things can be helpful for anyone, but especially for a driver who has neck or back problems that can make it hard for them to look all the way behind the car. 

When you go to buy a car, you should visit a Honda dealership. These vehicles have a lot of safety features to help you enjoy a safer ride each time you get behind the wheel.