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Worth the Wait

Improve Your Car's AC And Heat By Putting In A New Cabin Filter

by Constance Bryant

If the AC or heat in your car isn't blowing out as much air as usual, the problem might be a clogged cabin filter. Other things can affect how well your car's heating and cooling system works, so you may need to take your car to an auto repair shop to pinpoint the problem. If the cabin filter is clogged, it should be replaced. Here are more signs of a clogged cabin filter and an overview of how it's replaced.

The Signs It's Time To Check Your Cabin Filter

A cabin filter is a small pleated filter that air passes through before coming out the vents inside your car. If it's clogged up, air can't pass through very well. This reduces airflow and makes it difficult for your AC or heater to keep the inside of your car comfortable. As a result, you may be hot and miserable on a summer day. You may also notice an odd odor coming from the vents. The smell might be musty and irritate your respiratory system. If you have allergies, you may be more sensitive to the odors and dust that come from a dirty filter than other people.

A clogged cabin filter could even cause your car's cooling system to strain, overheat, and break down. For that reason, and for your health and comfort, you should take your car to an auto repair shop if you suspect problems with the filter or your heating and cooling system.

The Frequency For Changing Cabin Filters Varies

Check your car's manual for instructions on how often the filter should be changed and what type of filter to use. Instructions vary by car model, and also the environment you drive in most will have an impact on how fast the filter is changed.

You might want the filter checked and changed before it gets clogged up so you can prevent damage caused by a dirty filter. Your mechanic can check the filter when doing other car repairs or maintenance if you ask.

The Procedure For Changing A Cabin Filter

Car manufacturers put cabin filters in different places. You'll likely have no idea where the filter is since it's out of sight. A common place to put filters is behind the glove compartment in your car. However, the filter might be behind the dash or in another place that is hard to get to. As such, if the filter is behind the glove box, the mechanic can take out the glove box and locate the filter. After removing the old filter, the mechanic may vacuum out the area to remove any dust and debris. The mechanic then installs a new filter recommended by the car manufacturer and replaces the glove box.

If you were past due on having the cabin filter replaced, you might notice a difference in the way the air smells and feels coming from your vents. The stream of cool air may be stronger, fresher, cooler, and keep you more comfortable in your car. For more information, contact an auto maintenance service.