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Worth the Wait

Top Things You Should Know About Buying Tires From Your Car Dealership

by Constance Bryant

If your vehicle needs tires, then you might be wondering where you should go to make this purchase. You can go to a tire shop, of course, but you could be thinking about going to your local car dealership. This is an option with most dealerships, and if you're curious about this option for having tires installed on your vehicle, these are a few things you'll probably want to know.

They'll Often Install OEM Tires

When you go to a regular tire shop, then you will typically be able to choose from a variety of different brands. However, this often is not the case when you get tires at the dealership. Instead, you will probably be sold original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tires, which are the same type of tires that were installed on your vehicle when it was first made. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. After all, manufacturers choose certain tires for their vehicles for specific reasons. You may find that by going to a dealership to purchase tires for your car, you can make sure that the best possible tires are installed. This can help you enjoy the optimal performance from your vehicle.

They Should Offer Additional Tire-Related Services

You might assume that you will have to go to a tire shop for help with other tire-related services, such as having your tires balanced or having your vehicle aligned. However, with most dealerships, this is not the case. Not only can you have tires installed on your vehicle by visiting a dealership, but you can often have other tire-related services taken care of, too. If you aren't sure, you can call your dealership to ask about whether or not these services are offered. In many cases, when having new tires installed at a dealership, balancing is often included in the cost of having your tires installed. Of course, this is something you should ask about so you can be clear about what you have to pay for and what services you are receiving.

You Can Have Other Work Done to Your Car, Too

Right now, your primary focus might be on purchasing a set of tires for your vehicle, since your existing tires might be worn out. However, you can have other work done to your car when you take it to the shop to have your tires installed. For example, this could be a good time to have your oil changed or to check to see if there are any recalls.

These are all important things that you will want to know about buying tires from your car dealership. If you have additional questions or want to schedule an appointment to purchase tires for your vehicle, you should contact a local dealership, such as Western Avenue Nissan.