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Worth the Wait

Useful Camper Van Features For A Digital Nomad

by Constance Bryant

If you're interested in spending some time being a digital nomad — someone who travels extensively while working online — there are lots of ways to proceed. If you have the budget, one good option is to buy a camper van that you can drive wherever you wish. It will not only serve as your method of transportation but also as your sleeping quarters and workspace. There are lots of different camper vans on the market that can be suitable for life as a digital nomad. Here are some specific things to assess when you shop for this vehicle for this purpose.

Work Area

While you might occasionally do some of your work in a coffee shop or library, you'll likely spend most of your time working in your camper van. It's important to assess what type of work area the van offers. For example, you'll see some camper vans that are equipped with a folding desk that can be a suitable workspace when paired with a small chair. If the van isn't equipped with a desk, consider a model that has enough room to set up your own small desk. Having a proper working area is better than sitting on your bed with your computer, for example, especially if you'll be working extensively while you travel.

Power Outlets

Camper vans are equipped with a variety of power outlets in various locations, allowing you to power a selection of your devices. It's a good idea to assess the number of power outlets and their location when you're checking out a few different camper vans. Depending on the type of work you do, you may need multiple outlets — for example, outlets that can supply power to a laptop computer, a printer, a camera, a TV, and more. The placement of the outlets is also important. It's ideal if they're concentrated around the desk area, as this will keep you from having to use long cables that get in your way.

Natural Light

Many digital nomads keep regular working hours, spending the bulk of the day on their computer. If this is your plan, one topic to consider is how much natural light the camper van has. A bright environment can be cheery and pleasant to work in, while a dark environment may seem dreary. It's ideal if you choose a camper van that has large windows on each side of the body and perhaps even a skylight overhead. These features will also help the interior of the vehicle to feel spacious.

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