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Worth the Wait

Car Hauler — How To Buy The Right Model For Dealership Operations

by Constance Bryant

Part of owning a dealership involves transporting new and used vehicles to your lot. A car hauler is pivotal for these transportation activities. These trailers vary in size, materials, and features, but you can find an optimal model if you consider the following guide. 

Figure Out How Many Vehicles You Plan to Transport

There are quite a few size options for car hauler trailers today. To choose the right option, consider the number of vehicles you plan to transport to your dealership when you're ready to take on more inventory. The more vehicles, the larger the car hauler needs to be. 

Carefully look at your dealership operations, seeing how fast inventory moves in a given month. That should give you a good idea of how many vehicles your car hauler needs to bring every month.

Decide Between an Open and Closed Design

Regarding a car hauler's design, you can decide between open and closed. So that you make a proper selection, think carefully about the advantages of open and closed designs and your dealership's vehicle inventory. Open trailers don't provide as much protection as closed trailers, but they are more affordable. They also typically support more vehicles.

Conversely, closed-design car haulers offer ample protection from the elements. You might want added protection if your dealership has rare or valuable cars that always ship to your dealership. Paint scratches, dents, and rust won't be probable since durable trailer materials surround the vehicles that you're in charge of selling.

Invest in a Protective Coat

Regardless of how much you spend on a car hauler for dealership operations, you can maximize your investment by choosing a trailer with a protective coat. Your trailer will come across different environments that are perhaps rugged, but they won't break down the car hauler if it has a reliable coating system.

A manufacturer will apply the coat after putting the hauler together. Look over the available coating options until you find one that offers weatherproof qualities you can depend on each year. Rust and structural issues won't be chronic problems you experience, thanks to your decision to coat the car hauler after manufacturing.

Owning a dealership involves many vital activities. One of the most important is shipping new and used vehicles to your lot. Ensure your dealership's car hauler is dependable, durable, and compatible so you don't second-guess any part of these necessary shipping activities. 

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